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Welcome to Wiseyak, a healthcare artificial intelligence and technology company that was born in the Himalayan valley and dares to take healthcare to new heights, globally.

Using Artificial Intelligence In:


Remote diagnosis

Worried about reducing out-patient wait times? Our platform can help you treat patients anywhere with low overhead!

Personalized Care

Personalized care

Patients are demanding more customized treatments? We can help contextualize on a per-patient basis!


Centralized health history

A lot of paper lab reports, prescriptions and EHRs to analyze in a short time? Let us find and analyze the patterns for you!


Well you should be! The centuries old approach to healthcare is about to change forever …

Wise Yak Logo

Patients First.

We are working hard to ensure that patients are at the center of healthcare while increasing value for the providers.

Integrated health data.

Integrate patient data longitudinally across multiple platforms and formats to increase accessibility, visibility & usability.

Meaningful use of patient narrative.

Integrate illness narratives and progress reports effectively in healthcare workflow by extracting meaningful data points and relationships.

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