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Smart Healthcare.

Exploit potential of Big-Data & AI to improve healthcare.

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Uncover complete patient health story.

View and analyze patient data over multiple dimensions and relationships using a powerful Big-Data & AI platform.

Integrated health data.

Integrate patient data longitudinally across multiple platforms and formats to increase accessibility, visibility & usability.

Meaningful use of patient narrative.

Integrate illness narratives and progress reports effectively in healthcare workflow by extracting meaningful data points and relationships.

Smart Technology

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) of unstructured medical texts.
  • Machine Learning (ML) models to automate and optimize workflow.
  • Big-Data architecture to explore patient data.
  • API access for integration and exchange.

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Data-Driven Healthcare.

Platform to provide easy access and integration for all levels of healthcare.


1. Providers

Enable providers to get complete picture of patient care & experience.


2. Health Analysts

Empower Health Analysts with unlimited access to all dimensions of patient data .


3. Researchers

Researchers can improve outcomes of clinical trials by supplementing research with patient/population data.


4. Solution Providers

Using API access, EHR/EMR systems can offer more value to customers.

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